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Ramén Valves specialise in the production of high quality ball sector valves which, in the realm of industrial valves, provide precision, reliability, and efficiency. 

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Swedish valve manufacturer Ramén Valves. They specialise in the production of high quality ball sector valves which, in the realm of industrial valves, provide precision, reliability, and efficiency. These valves have emerged as a versatile and advantageous solution for many applications making them well-suited for a wide range of industries.
One of the primary advantages of ball sector valves lies in their ability to provide precise flow control. The spherical segment inside the valve body allows for accurate modulation of flow rates, making them ideal for applications where precise control is crucial. This precision is particularly valuable in industries such as chemical processing, steel manufacturing, food and beverage, water treatment, and oil and gas, where even slight variations in flow can have significant consequences.
Ball sector valves are also designed to operate with low torque requirements, which translate into energy savings and increased operational efficiency. The reduced torque allows for smoother and quicker actuation, resulting in less wear and tear on the valve components. This characteristic makes ball sector valves an excellent choice for applications where frequent valve operation is required, promoting longevity and reliability. Additionally, small size actuators are required, ensuring a very compact design with low weight.
The design of ball sector valves ensures an effective shut-off, minimizing the risk of leakage. The ball sector creates a tight seal against the valve seat, preventing the unwanted passage of fluids. This feature is particularly critical in industries dealing with hazardous or volatile substances, where leakage can pose safety hazards and environmental concerns. Additionally, the stem is equipped with o-rings to prevent any leakage to the atmosphere, ensuring the valve complies with ISO-15848 requirements against fugitive emissions.
Ball sector valves find applications across a broad spectrum of industries with their versatility stemming from the ability to handle a wide range of fluids, including corrosive and abrasive media.
Indeed, valves can be provided in various alloys such as SST316L, 254SMO and Titanium. The ball sector can also be treated with hardening treatment such as Super Expanite®, providing a harder and more sustainable solution than traditional hard chroming. This adaptability makes ball sector valves a preferred choice in industries with diverse and challenging operating conditions.
Ball sector valves represent a great advancement in valve technology, offering a combination of precision, reliability, and versatility. Their unique design and operational advantages make them well-suited for a diverse range of industrial applications, providing engineers and operators with a valuable tool for efficient and effective flow control. As industries continue to evolve, the adoption of innovative valve solutions like ball sector valves is likely to play a crucial role in enhancing overall operational performance.
Our Managing Director, Ian Taylor, said “I am thrilled to be able to announce a partnership with such a prestigious, forward thinking company.  Ramén Valves are challenging the status quo when it comes to valve design and manufacture and we are delighted to be joining them on their journey.”
Ramén Valves Sales Manager, Stéphane Blanchet, said “We are very much looking forward with this new partnership with Gas and Liquid Controls, a company that has deep knowledge about control valves. With this new partnership, we aim to better serve our customers in the UK as well as reaching new opportunities.”