GRE were selected above all other major manufacturers due to the extremely high demands of the specification to undertake this very prestigious project – a leading clothes retailer’s flag ship store in Regent Street, London.

The outline was, however, brief:

  • Both heating and cooling were required depending on the season
  • The equipment had to fit into a very small space
  • The system had to adhere to very stringent noise levels due to it’s Central London location
  • Due to limited size of existing cables, we had to design a feature to continually look at the current that the unit was drawing, and limit the operation of the chiller if nearing the threshold.

The store’s existing heat pump chiller repeatedly failed, and despite being refurbished many times became untenable. Its lack of reliability meant that at times the Shop was extremely uncomfortable at times for the staff and customers due to the high temperature.

Presented only with the restrictions of the Project, GRE designed a machine to achieve not only the performance required, but to adhere to all the limiting factors. Bespoke software was also written in order that the unit could be controlled and monitored by back office staff with ease. Following the success of the Design stage, GRE’s manufacturing then had the challenge of completing the build, QA Test & Inspection to an exact deadline, as Regent Street had to be shut to both traffic & personnel during the delivery and locating of the Unit.

The system was successfully installed on the roof of the Regent Street Shop, and continues to provide our customer with a very effective solution.