Educational Equipment

GRE designed and manufacture a desk top system for use in Higher Education for students to learn the principles of refrigeration. It is computer controlled with automatic recording of all important process variables using an integral USB interface device.


  • Complete refrigeration system enabling demonstration of the vapour compression refrigeration cycle
  • Fully instrumented to enable complete analysis of the processes involved and calculation of the changes in performance with operating conditions
  • Hermetically sealed rotary compressor with variable speed drive enabling the user to review the operation of the system in varying conditions
  • Real time display of all operating pressures and temperatures plus calculated parameters such as superheat and COP
  • Measurement sensors include:
    – 9x Thermistor sensors measuring temperatures throughout the system
    – 2x Turbine type flow meters measuring flow of water through the condenser and evaporator
    – 2x Electronic sensors measuring pressures before and after the compressor – 2x Bourdon type refrigeration pressure gauges (with scale indicating equivalent refrigerant saturation temperature)
    – 1x Variable area flowmeter measuring refrigerant flowrate
    – 1x DC Current shunt measuring current to the compressor motor