De-ionised Water Portable Chiller

GRE were commissioned to design and build a portable cooler to supply ultra-pure (less than 1.0 μS/cm) water for a prominent Research and Development Laboratory Test Facility.

With only an outline specification to work on – the following were defined as process critical for this particular Laboratory Test Facility:

  • The outlet temperature had to be controlled very accurately to ± 0.25°C
  • The Flow Rate had to be minutely controllable



GRE’s Engineers designed a compact unit with the following features:

  • heat exchangers
  • water purification sub circuit
  • instrumentation for pressure, temperature, conductivity etc.
  • user friendly PLC and colour touchscreen HMI with bespoke software
  • user can change the flow rates quickly and accurately depending on the requirement of the varied test beds
  • packaged “plug and play” system
  • fully portable & compact
  • provides the Laboratory with flexibility, speed, efficiency and versatility in changing between test beds.