Non-ferrous Water Cooling System

GRE were chosen to design and manufacture the secondary cooling element of an MRI-guided radiation therapy system for a world leading manufacturer of ground breaking oncology equipment.


This machine was first-in-class and the cooling system needed to be completely bespoke, not only because of the magnetic and radioactive nature of the equipment, but also due to the spherical shape of the scanner. With this in mind, there were very limited material selection options. Plastics were used wherever possible, but again had to be carefully considered due to the high radiation they would be subjected to.

Key Features:

  • 14kW design cooling capacity
  • All materials non ferrous (i.e. non magnetic)
  • Entire system subjected to high levels of radiation
  • Designed as a curved section to form part of a segment within the entire┬ámachine
  • Customised control package
  • Wifi network access (due to constant revolution of the unit)
  • At certain times during the rotation, air to the heat exchanger could be┬árestricted and therefore a backup cooling store was also designed in using thermal wax to store latent cooling effect (system recognises this, automatically adapts to use or rebuild the stored cooling)