35 Devon business people we need to watch out for

35 Devon business people we need to watch out for

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Take a look at the article which includes Natalie, lead design engineer @ GRE

As a Design Engineer, Natalie works across a range of complex thermal engineering specialisms (process cooling, ultra-pure water and cryogenics) to design fully bespoke systems for GRE, a specialist thermal engineering firm based in Willand. that solves challenging heating and cooling problems for prestigious customers around the world.

She works with clients whose applications are as wide ranging as extremely high powered lasers, nuclear fusion, satellite development to advanced radiotherapy systems for oncology.

Many of Natalie’s projects require mission-critical system designs, without which clients would not be able to carry out essential activities or – in some cases – operate at all.

Natalie is currently studying to achieve her MSc Engineering Management to become an internationally recognised Chartered Engineer. Natalie’s research-based dissertation, ‘Who Wants To Be An Engineer?’, explores the experiences of women in engineering, what motivated them into the field and how to support and retain more young women in fulfilling STEM careers. Natalie was inspired to investigate this topic as the UK has Europe’s lowest proportion of female engineering professionals (11%).

A graduate of BEng Mechanical Engineering from the University of Plymouth, she is currently studying MSc Engineering Management.

She joined the firm in 2015

Favourite movie/TV show: Hot Fuzz gets a lot of repeat watches.

Favourite piece of music: It depends on the occasion; it could be anything from cheesy 80s pop or a current dance track to something chilled.

Book we should all read: The Game of Thrones series – I haven’t had much time to read for pleasure in recent years but I can’t wait for the next book.