PDCS Optical Type

4K/10K/77K Cryostat – Optical Type

PDCS04/PDCS10/PDCS77 – Using  GM  Cryocooler  as  cold  resource  to  cool  down  the  sample ,  The   main   components  of  the  cryostat  include  GM  Cryocooler, vacuum  can, radiation shield and sample holder. By configuring different types of vacuum cover and related equipment, the cooling requirements of many samples for cryogenic test can be realized. At the same time, the cryostat of this type optical can cooperate with precision displacement platform to carry out three-dimensional high precision and large quantity of the whole structure. The positioning accuracy of the process can reach up to 0.01mm by measuring the location of different positions of the sample.


Ultraviolet / IR spectroscopic low temperature experiment Raman spectroscopy experiment electroluminescence photoluminescence
Conductivity Holzer test
Neutron scattering neutron diffraction
Low temperature material experiment

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