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GRE, bespoke chiller manufacturers, offer the CWB range which consists of air-cooled water chillers with axial fans for external installation. The CWB project includes 12 basic models that cover cooling capacities from 140 to 570 kW, which allow customization of the unit’s features, mounted accessories and final installation operating conditions.

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The CWB units are particularly suitable for installations where the production of chilled water is required in continuous service and therefore also with low external temperature: in this case it is necessary to exploit the condensation control option, by means of EC fans.
Cooling circuit
Made with top quality materials by specialised personnel according to rigorous brazing procedures, compliant with directive 97/22 / EC.
It consists of:
– scroll compressors;
– brazed plate evaporators in AISI 316 stainless steel;
– aluminum microchannel capacitors;
– filter drier;
– electronic expansion valve;
– liquid and humidity indicator;
– high and low pressure switches (fixed setting);
– high and low pressure gauges;
– pressure ports for checks and maintenance;
– pressure transducers in evaporation and condensation;
– refrigerant side temperature probes and air / water probes.
For models CWB270 to CWB570, the evaporator has a double refrigerant circuit and a single water circuit. This configuration is particularly efficient at partial loads, compared to solutions with independent evaporators.
Hydraulic circuit 
Consisting of an evaporator and pipes inside the machine, it includes full built in protection including a differential pressure switch that protects the evaporator in case of lack of water flow to ensure no ice build-up.

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